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Perpetual Facebook Virality for a TV Channel

When this bluegrass television channel came to me they were reaching less than 100 people per month on Facebook. Within 6 months of working with them, they were consistently reaching over 450,000 people per week.

Before I started working with BHTV, their Facebook posts were reaching less than 100 people per month. After just 6 months of working with them, this is what their weekly report looked like. They were getting 50,000+ video views and reaching 450,000+ people.

Reposting this photo was the first viral post I shared on BHTV, with over 1,000 shares and reached well over 80,000 people.

I came to sharing posts like this in-depth social listening, asking specific questions from our followers and spending hours in related folk and bluegrass forums.

I learned from their followers what shows they liked and started to repost old episodes they could only view on social media. Posts like this stated getting 10,000+ views and some reaching nearly 50,000+ people.

We started to repost photos and videos of folk and bluegrass players to promote this culture to our audience and the response was incredible. Posts getting 20,000, 30,000 and 50,000 views and were reaching upwards of 240,000 people each. The Facebook page was in a state of perpetual virality.